DRAGON CITY MOD APK(Unlimited Gold/Gems/Food/Money) Download

https://dragoncitymodapk.net/wp-content/uploads/2020/12/dragon-v11.0.0.jpgIf you like to play games related to animals, and then you will love this trick city dragon because in this game find a dragon and you will feed your dragons to fight against other dragons to expand your city of  DRAGON CITY MOD APK(Unlimited Gold/Gems/Food/Money) Download.

To play this game like a pro, you need to know many things about this game, such as how to start rising and feeding your dragon, how to get more money and jewels, etc. And this Dragon City APK v11.4.0post is about

Here you will learn everything about Dragon City and you will know what is Dragon City APK 2021, the features of Dragon City MOD and the easiest way to install it on your device, so without a moment the latest of Dragon City APK Mod Start reading the post.

Name Of Game Dragon City Mod Apk v11.7.0
Features of MOD Apk Unlimited Gems,Food,Gold, dragons and dragon’s skin
Android Version 4.3 and up
Category Simulation
Offered by Socialpoint
User Reviews 4.6 and up
Current Version
Last Updated one day ago
Size 132MB
Downloads 100,000,000+
Get it on
Installation Guide

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DRAGON CITY MOD APK v10.8(Unlimited Gold/Gems/Food/Money)
Dragon City Mod APK (Unlimited Gold/Gems/Food/Money)



You can get money, food, and gems by downloading the game dragon city mod APK. Dragon city mod APK is the mod version of dragon city version11.0.0. Some unknown developers cracked the original APK and modified it to create the moded version where users get everything unlocked from starting. if you played the dragon city mod APK game you must know that how difficult to earn the food money gems and expand your dragon city. So developers created the solution to these issues.

With the help of this modified version of  Dragon City you beat the monsters dragons and win the game, you can get unlimited money , unlimited gems and unlimited food can get unlimited money, unlimited gems and unlimited food so that you can make your dragon more stronger than others.

In dragon city mod you can win the match if you will feed, breed, and battle with other dragons. First of all, you have known about the dragon city mod original game if you want to know about dragon city mod.

Download Dragon City Mod APK 2012 unlimited unlocks, breed and foods. If you don’t want to payout your earned money on this game? So earn many more from this game. also read about DRAGON CITY MOD APK IOS/ANDROID.

What Is Dragon City APK

Dragon city game that is created by a social point on May 8, 2012, is a single or multiplayer game. This game was created just for facebook and played only on facebook. After 2013 people’s interest in the game, the developer launched it for IOS

When they saw that peoples are interested to download the game. The ratio of downloading is increasing rapidly then they decided to make the game for android and they launched in 2014this game for android.

Propagation newly created dragons and defeat the others dragon and expand your city. But for all these functions you need a lot of gems and money. You can get unlimited gems and money by playing games regularly. Attractive skin’s dragon using against the other dragons and make them more attractive. Anyhow there are many dragon games are available on the internet but the social point of dragon city is very impressive with 80million dragon masters.

The Dragon city is a small game that required very low space in mobile memory to play 4.1 or more. This game was downloaded more than 100M for android. You can download and play free of cost dragon city APK on all devices. you can create new dragons to buy from your earned money from this game and you can buy the application with your real money.

Dragon City Mod APK v11.4.0Download (Unlimited Money, Gold, Food, Gems)

Dragon city mod APK is to download for android and IOS that is available here. There is an available link for direct download of the mod latest version of dragon city  APK for android, IOS, and also for payouts should download dragon city unlimited gold unlocked, gems and money free if you want to play the live match on the internet. So friend you are reading the article about dragon city cracked APK.

If you love to play the games of animals you will be enjoying playing the game dragon city APK mod because this game has many dragons that fight against the other dragon, you will get dragon feed and breed your dragon. You can expand your city of the dragon. if you want to play this game as a pro you must know many things about the dragon city game that how to earn money, gems, and breed. How to start breeding and feeding your dragon. In this article you can read and learn all about Dragon City Mod APKv10.8 and What is dragon city APK 2021?

Features of dragon city mod APK and how to install in easiest way on the different devices.


Dragon City MOD Features

  •  Unlimited Gold
  •  Unlimited Food
  •  Unlock All Dragons
  •  All Arenas Unlocked
  •  Free to download
  •  Totally Safe
  •  Compatible with all Android versions
  •  Online Multiplayer access
  •  Easy to Control
  •  Dragon City Mod APKv11.4.0file is very easy to install
  •  Auto-update
  •  Auto-sync with the game




unlimited gems


In this game, the gems are very important and tough to earn.  You can win from PvPs combat, by turning it up, or by opening chest from in-game events. You can get to use real money to buy gems on your account.

You will get unlimited gems With our dragon city mod APK, so you don’t need to spend a lot of time playing the game in order to get the best dragons. You can easily become one of the best players in the game by using our mod. also read about How to get free gems guide


Unlimited food is most important and amazing feature, you can get more unlimited food from to play this game. And I will suggest downloading the mod version of this game because the mod has less restriction as compared to the original version



In this game, gold is a very simple and general resource.  Because it is mostly used in the game. you can earn the gold from selling different things, dragons, dragons eggs, so the primary source to get gold is dragons habitats. Another way to obtain gold is by winning it in the Monday Bonus, Deus Daily Bonus, or by winning a tournament at the Stadium. You need a lot of gold in order to expand your space for buildings and habitats, as your dragon’s collection is growing. With our Dragon City mod APK, you will earn almost unlimited gold on your game account, so you don’t need to worry about it anymore. You can upgrade and enjoy the game at its full potential.


The amazing part of dragon city mod APK  you can collect many types of the dragon as FLAME, SEA, TERRA, METAL, DARK, LEGEND, PURE and ELECTRIC.

bohemian-dragon Bohemian Dragon
dracon-dragon Dracon Dragon
dual-dragon Dual Dragon
legacy-dragon Legacy Dragon
super-star-dragon Super Star Dragon
titan-dragon Titan Dragon
wind-dragon Wind Dragon



When you have to play the game, there are many Ads is appeared. But these  Ads make you disturbed, in this game dragon city, mod APK cracker has no Ads. You will play it very easily.



You can buy many dragons or breeding by using gems because there are so many different dragons are present for play. By this version, you can unlock all of them. Here are some dragons you will unlock with our Dragon City mod APK:



In this game mod APK, you can never lose your game. With this dragon city mod APK game, you will win the game because every feature is unlocked.



This version of dragon city mod APK is free to download for android and IOS. You can play the game easily from face book and the android Mobil app.



The official dragon and Dragon City MOD have the same assets and interface as the real game. This game has very noise plug-in controlling and you will have to build a dragon city for you consisting of Buildings, Farms, Habitats, and also get eggs to make dragons, breed, and enhance the level of your dragon for fight. These missions are very easy to complete by the Dragon Fire MOD APK.

Tips for Playing Dragon City

Dragon City is a fantastic game about dragons. But if this is your first time playing this game, you might be confused about a lot of things. You don’t have to worry as we’re here with some helpful beginner tips!

Dragon City Mod APK Unlimited Money Latest Version

Invest in your farms – If you didn’t know the crops are what’s used to hatch dragons. These are used to sustain your dragons. At the start of the game, it should be your goal to have as many farms as possible to breed as many dragons as possible. Doing so will also get you more gold. Thus, investing in farms as early as possible is a good return of investment in the future.

Analyze different types of habitats – The habitats are the homes for your dragons. There are different ones in the game so you should analyze each of them carefully. Take note that certain dragons require specific habitats. You should try to build a variety of them to house more dragons in the future. But take note that they cost different gold and XP to build.

Try breeding different dragons – You can also crossbreed dragons in Dragon City. Of course, this isn’t always a sure thing to do as there will always be different results. But you can always experiment and see what it gets you. You never know when a legendary dragon might appear!

Become a master in fighting – The key to winning in fights in Dragon City isn’t just the strength of your dragons. If you just bring purely offensive dragons to a fight, you will have a hard time against a more powerful dragon. But if you balance it out, you can potentially be prepared for any scenarios.more info click here!

Dragon City Mod APK Unlimited Money Latest Version

Collect gems for free – You don’t also have to spend real money to get gems in this game. You can get them from the daily bonus, each time you level up, and on weekly events. You can also get gems when you invite friends to play the game and on promotions as well. Therefore, be as active as possible and you can get a ton of gems for free!


There are many Mods games but they cannot give you access to play online but they provide you all the other features that are mentioned above. When you download the game from dragoncitymodapk.net you can play with real players available in this dragon city after downloading. You have not to worry about a ban of account because dragon city mod APK is anti ban mod APK

*Free of cost to download
*High quality Graphics
*Exciting battles and tournament fights
*Build your Dragon city and raise your favorite Dragons
* Show your Dragon power against the other Dragon masters.

Be a part of forces with different Dragon Masters in Alliances, work together within the chat, take part in Alliance occasions, and unlock unique rewards. Without any further delay download this brilliant game for free and enjoy the exciting Dragon fights



Sometimes you cannot download the mod APK version of the game so I will tell you how you will download the game 2021 dragon city mod APK easily for android. You will need to follow the step by step, don’t miss any step as I tell you.



There are shown a button download click on it then you will get the new page.

Step 2

On a new page, you will found another download link that work 100% accurate, now you click on it to start the downloading. for the android setting, you enable the unknown source.

Step 3

In the 3rd step, you check the file manager where are found the downloaded APK, you tap on the file to install.

Step 4

when you will click on the install button you will found  your game in your device/mobile.



Yeah! Now the dragon city mod APK game ready to play on your mobile, play and expand your dragon city. This game is super enjoyable and fast-paced. It isn’t that grindy if you want some cosmetics. And finally found a game that doesn’t spam  ads whenever  and do anything, there are ads but its much more toned down then a bunch of other games. The style of this game is amazing,


Remember – WHEN you enable unknown sources then you can not be able to install this game because this game is a mod version of the original and android does not give permission to install any third-party apps to install.

How to download and install Dragon City MOD APK on Android

The mod apk file is very easy to install:

  1. Just click the download button below
  2. Wait, the file is downloaded then opens it
  3. Install Dragon City Mod Apk files on your Android
  4. Follow the instructions inside
  5. Start and Enjoy the Mod


If you like an article about DRAGON CITY MOD APK so please share it with your, friends and family. if you think something is wrong here so please you can inform me I will solve these issues as possible as soon.  I hope you have downloaded Dragon city APK mod version 2021 and will enjoy playing this game. but if you have any problem downloading so tell me I will try to solve those issues. keep visiting dragoncitymodapk.net Yes this article has many more information about dragon city and also the mod version.  All the features of this MOD APK are easily accessible. One of the best reasons to install this game is, it doesn’t need root access, so you can play this game damn comfortably either if your device is rooted or not. So download this app right now and take your first step towards the pro game play with the complete support of unlimited resources.


Dragon City MOD FAQs

Do you have any question in your mind related to Dragon City MOD APK? Don’t hesitate to ask us. Use the comment section to ask your questions. We will love to solve your issues. We have also answered some mostly asked questions here, I hope you will find your answer here.

Is Dragon City Available for PC And IOS?

As I already told you that dragon city is available for Android, IOS, and for PC. so you can download this game where you want. you can also play this game on your web browser and Facebook.

Can I win every battle with this Dragon City MOD APK?

Dragon city mod APK helps you to win every game and allows you to raise legendary dragons. legendary dragons are the most powerful dragons in dragon city and with the help of them, you can win every battle.


Discover your new home of Collections!
– Manage Collections all in one place with clear and easy navigation.
– See which Collections are completed and which are brand new!
– Know when you have a reward ready to claim and when a Collection is nearly over.
Keep conquering Collections, Dragon Master!
Sometimes unsure what is inside a Chest? Wonder no more!
– Simply tap on any Chest within all Maze, Tower, Grid, and Fog Islands…
– See the full list of exclusive rewards…
– And plan your route around the Island!
Enjoy this handy update, Dragon Masters!
latest version
– This version includes technical improvements so that your game will work even better. Go to our forums for more info! Enjoy!

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