Purple Dragon

          The Purple Dragon is a Legendary Dragon that is the main type of Legend. The Purple Dragon can also learn Dark, War, and Flame moves. Description: Powerful creation of Red Dragon and Blue Dragon … Purple Dragon Everything is legendary! By having this dragon on your team, you will specialize … Read more

Red Dragon

            Red Dragon is a Legendary Dragon with pure typing. Red Dragon can also learn Flame, War, and Primal Moves. Description: The strongest of the color dragons, the red dragon is a beast of pure passion, love, and fury. His creations of him, the Purple Dragon and the Orange Dragon … Read more

Green Dragon

              Green Dragon is a legendary dragon with a basic typing of nature. He is a legend and can learn your tricks. Description When the very rare Load Dragon met with the Kae Pi Lo Dragon, it came as a complete surprise that a new legendary dragon has been … Read more


            Orange Dragon is a legendary dragon with a basic typing of light. Orange drawing hobby can also learn pure and electric fake. Description With the same beautiful color of the sun, you can feel the warmth of distant orange dragon proved us wrong and showed us That it is … Read more