Dragon Simulator Multiplayer

Dragon Multiplayer 3D 2.0.1 for Android Wild Foot Games Download APK(70.2 MB) This release comes in several variants, See available APKs Description About Dragon Multiplayer App Dragon Simulator 3D is a simulation game where you can be a dragon. The objective of the game is to complete the missions of the dragons through the level and … Read more

Dragon City Hack

if you are a big fan of dragon city then you should be excited that we  are  created a completely working dragon city MOD with a gems generator. The Way How To Cheat Gems Very Easily? Dragon City Hack. Do you want to own varied different types of the dragon as your pets? If yes … Read more


      Description: Professor dragon is a legendary dragon of main typing.the main element is dark, rainbowand ice. DETAIL Release date:   08-Feb-2021 Category:      10 Breedable:    No Available in shop: No Price:        4,500 gems Hatching time:    2 days Breeding time:    1 day 12 hours Hatch XP:      … Read more


            The Inspector Dragon is a Legendary Dragon with the main typing of Dark. The Inspector Dragon can also learn Pure, Ice, and Wind moves.   Description: Don’t count on this character to be your typical good guy because the Inspector Dragon doesn’t play by the rules… He sticks to the shadows gathering secrets and evidence. … Read more


The Cult Priestess Dragon is a Legendary Dragon with the primary typing of Terra. The Cult Priestess Dragon can also learn Nature, legend,s and Pure moves. Description:  A dragon obsessed with power, the Cult Priestess Dragon voluntarily accepted to become even more corrupt with the whispers of the High Whisperer Dragon. She helps him to find more young dragons to corrupt. HOW TO … Read more


The Socksfor1 Dragon is a Legendary Dragon with the primary typing of Light. The Socksfor1 Dragon can also learn Terra, Metal, and War moves. Description: He can do it all… The Socksfor1 Dragon has landed in Dragon City at last! If you need a professional space dragon added to your team, then this is the guy. HOW TO BREED THE SOCKSFOR1 DRAGON The … Read more


The Corruptedwhispers Fog Island event details! Collect fog coins by feeding, hatching, etc. Navigate fog island to get chests and dragon pieces A map is in development – coming soon. COUNTDOWN DETAILS REWARD DRAGONS Below are the featured dragons for this event# [Information coming soon] MAZE COIN SUMMARY By collecting 600 free coins every 8 … Read more


The High Whisperer Dragon is a Heroic Dragon with the primary typing of Legend. The High Whisperer Dragon can also learn Dark, Sea and Primal moves. Description:  Although a Heroic dragon, this dragon possesses no heroism. The High Whisperer Dragon is an evil deity whose only desire is to cause chaos by corrupting those around him. His constant whispers ring loud inside the … Read more


The Color Run Runner Island event details are here! Get runner tokens by completing missions. spend tokens to make runs and collect pin-wheels. collecting pin-wheels will unlock event rewards! COUNTDOWN DETAILS       REWARD DRAGONS Full rewards section will be coming soon! … Green Dragon Info RUNNER ISLAND TIPS   How does Runner Island … Read more