upcoming events in dragon city in the year 2021

Dear Dragon Masters Below is an official developer post A new month always means the beginning of new adventures for our intrepid Dragon Masters. The summer solstice is fast approaching and we’ve been informed that a mysterious meteor shower is expected to be seen over the clear summer skies of Dragon City. The beginning of June … Read more

latest news in dragon city

Hello Dragon Masters, to help you breed strategically given the recent updates to Breeding, we have compiled some information to share with you on how breeding works as of today (March 2021) : Boosted Breeding: If the selected parents have a high rarity and/or are empowered, you will have more chances of obtaining the dragons in the possibility pool with … Read more


RINGMASTER DRAGON     Description: The Ringmaster Dragon is a Legendary Dragon with the primary typing of Terra. The Ringmaster Dragon can also learn Nature, Flame, and Metal moves. The Ringmaster Dragon certainly has a million dreams to make it. DETAIL Dragon Code: 2655 Release date: 06-Mar-2021 Category: 9 Breedable: No Available in shop: No Price: 4,500 gems Hatching time: 2 days Breeding time: … Read more


    Description: The Projectile Dragon is a Very Rare Dragon with the MAIN typing of Metal. The Projectile Dragon can also learn Light and Wind moves. The Projectile Dragon will launch himself high into the sky causing the bystanders below to gasp with fear. DETAIL Dragon Code: 2656 Release date: 06-Mar-2021 Category: 4 Breedable: No Available in shop: No … Read more


                                                  DESCRIPTION   The Ultimate Strength Dragon is a Legendary Dragon with the primary typing of Terra. The Ultimate Strength Dragon can also learn Flame, Dark and Metal moves. There are a lot of strong dragons. DETAIL Dragon … Read more


The High Chronos Heroic Race Guide is here! Complete tasks and race against other players. The only event that awards Heroic Dragons! Heroics are the strongest Dragons in the game. Countdown   REWARD DRAGONS Come in first place to receive these dragons High Chronos Dragon Mammatus Dragon Arid Dragon Troll Dragon Get the heroic dragon … Read more

The Spectacular Grid Island Event

The Spectacular Grid Island event details can be seen here! Get coins by collecting gold, feeding, hatching etc. Move around the during this event to unlock rewards COUNTDOWN DETAILS   REWARD DRAGONS Below are the dragons that are unlockable during this event… Projectile Dragon Spectacle Dragon Clown Dragon Surprising Dragon Ringmaster Dragon GRID ISLAND TIPS … Read more

The Murdermystery Puzzle Island Event Guide

The Murdermystery Puzzle Island event guide is here! Complete tasks to unlock puzzle island moves The puzzle island is similar to candy crush Concept: match 3 or more colored tiles. COUNTDOWN DETAILS   REWARD DRAGONS The following dragons are the featured in the Murdermystery Puzzle Island Teacher Dragon Kingpin Dragon professor Dragon MISSIONS Complete the … Read more