The Autumn V2 Puzzle Island event guide is here!
Complete tasks to unlock puzzle island moves
The puzzle island is similar to candy crush
Concept: match 3 or more coloured tiles.



-29Days -23Hours -27Minutes -37Seconds



The following dragons are featured in the Autumn V2 Puzzle Island

Mischievous Dragon

mischievous dragon

Dangertimber Dragon

dangertimber dragon

Crude Oil Dragon

crude oil dragon
There are more rewards availabe – We will try add them to the page soon!


Complete the following missions to earn moves

1. Collect 50000 Gold
1. Collect 4000 Food
1. Breed 1 Dragons with Electric element
1. Breed 3 Dragons Sea & Light


Reward strategy

You can unlock dragons from puzzle islands. Target unlocking new dragon. Other rewards are not exciting.

Making moves:

Give priority to your colored matches. Low puzzle falling blocks can make puzzle batches more

Getting free moves

Every 4 hours you get free moves. set a timer if you are serious. any spent time did not claim your free puzzle. For the next three moves wait 4 hours

Try to claiming gold\food

Claim 1 million gold. apply to league battles. feed dragons. If one knows what tasks are coming in advance then plan accordingly.

Take it show

Before each move to see take some time because moves are limited. break a block.
The best blocks line up.It will clear three lines of the puzzle.
Combine entire power.

Does not make huge combos. Block convert into the normal colour wipe in normal

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