Caroling dragon

Caroling dragon is rare. It learns to ice and beauty moves. It has the main typing of nature.


Caroling dragon will let you know what is your favorite Christmas carol. she is the star of the show. Never try to outsing her.

HOW TO BREED THE Caroling dragon

Caroling dragon is not breedable. From orbs and chests, you can collect its orbs. Events may come that allow winning in the future.

Strengths OF Caroling dragon:

From different elements, it can be trained. Sea, light, war, nature. It can deal damage to dragons.

Weakness Of Caroling dragon:

Its first element determines its weakness. It has nature as its primary is weak to Flame, Ice.

Base moves:

It will learn hatching from moves

Ice Spikes
Damage: 650 | ice

Head Butt
Damage: 788 | physical

Floral Coup
Damage: 1050 | beauty

Leaf Blast
Damage: 1050 | plant


DETAILS OF Caroling dragon

Category:                                            4

Breedable:                                           No

Release Date:                                    17-Dec-2020

Hatch Time:                                      24 Hours (24 Hours)

Hatch XP:                                          180000

Summon Time:                                 1 days 12 hrs (36 Hours)

Buy Price:                                          2500 Gems

Sell Price:                                           200000 Gold

Dragon ID:                                         1453


These are the moves that Caroling Dragon can learn through training.

Karate Brick Break
Damage: 1013 | physical | 24 hours

Damage: 1350 | plant | 2 days

Cryogenic Freeze
Damage: 1350 | ice | 2 days

Grace Touch
Damage: 1350 | beauty | 2 days


Starting Income: 18
Level increase: 12

Dragons earn different amounts of gold at each level,

(increases are halved  after L 10)

L 5: 66

L 10: 126

L 15: 156

L 20: 186

L 25: 216

L 30: 246


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