RINGMASTER DRAGON     Description: The Ringmaster Dragon is a Legendary Dragon with the primary typing of Terra. The Ringmaster Dragon can also learn Nature, Flame, and Metal moves. The Ringmaster Dragon certainly has a million dreams to make it. DETAIL Dragon Code: 2655 Release date: 06-Mar-2021 Category: 9 Breedable: No Available in shop: No Price: 4,500 gems Hatching time: 2 days Breeding time: … Read more


    Description: The Projectile Dragon is a Very Rare Dragon with the MAIN typing of Metal. The Projectile Dragon can also learn Light and Wind moves. The Projectile Dragon will launch himself high into the sky causing the bystanders below to gasp with fear. DETAIL Dragon Code: 2656 Release date: 06-Mar-2021 Category: 4 Breedable: No Available in shop: No … Read more


Super Fresh Dragon is a mythological dragon with a primary typing of nature. Super Fresh Dragon can also learn terra, electric, and war moves.   Description: Make room for the super fresh dragon! He’s back and fresher than ever… catch him if you can add some style to your team because of it! STRENGTHS The … Read more


      Description: Professor dragon is a legendary dragon of main typing.the main element is dark, rainbowand ice. DETAIL Release date:   08-Feb-2021 Category:      10 Breedable:    No Available in shop: No Price:        4,500 gems Hatching time:    2 days Breeding time:    1 day 12 hours Hatch XP:      … Read more


            The Inspector Dragon is a Legendary Dragon with the main typing of Dark. The Inspector Dragon can also learn Pure, Ice, and Wind moves.   Description: Don’t count on this character to be your typical good guy because the Inspector Dragon doesn’t play by the rules… He sticks to the shadows gathering secrets and evidence. … Read more


The Cult Priestess Dragon is a Legendary Dragon with the primary typing of Terra. The Cult Priestess Dragon can also learn Nature, legend,s and Pure moves. Description:  A dragon obsessed with power, the Cult Priestess Dragon voluntarily accepted to become even more corrupt with the whispers of the High Whisperer Dragon. She helps him to find more young dragons to corrupt. HOW TO … Read more


The Socksfor1 Dragon is a Legendary Dragon with the primary typing of Light. The Socksfor1 Dragon can also learn Terra, Metal, and War moves. Description: He can do it all… The Socksfor1 Dragon has landed in Dragon City at last! If you need a professional space dragon added to your team, then this is the guy. HOW TO BREED THE SOCKSFOR1 DRAGON The … Read more