upcoming events in dragon city in the month of April 2021

Dear Dragon Masters there are stated different events in the game dragon city mod apk more detail click here 25 Mar – 5 Apr: Time Travel Heroic Race New Dragon: High Chronos Dragon 31 Mar – 4 Apr: Dystopia Maze Island New Dragon: Dystopia Dragon 5 Apr – 8 Apr: Tower Trial Island (Tribal Tournament) New Dragon: Abominable … Read more

latest news in dragon city

Hello Dragon Masters, to help you breed strategically given the recent updates to Breeding, we have compiled some information to share with you on how breeding works as of today (March 2021) : Boosted Breeding: If the selected parents have a high rarity and/or are empowered, you will have more chances of obtaining the dragons in the possibility pool with … Read more

News About Dragon City

February may be short, but it can still be filled with exciting events and new dragons… Let’s make it a great month! So first prepare yourself to jump straight into a bright and colorful Carnival adventure, and then get ready to save Dragon City from the evil whispers of the corrupted High Whisperer Dragon! Find … Read more