Discord APK Download Latest Version 2021

Discord APK Download Latest Version 2021

Gaming-specific voice and text chat app Discord is the first cross-platform app for voice and text chat. Voice and text chat for gamers that’s free, secure, and works on your desktop and phone. Don’t waste your time and money on TeamSpeak servers. Take steps to simplify your life! A modern voice & text chat application for gamers, Discord is free to download.

App Info

App Download Version 77.6 – Stable
Last Updated Jun 01, 2021
Apk Size 93M
App by Discord Inc.
Category Free Communication App
Content Rating Teen
Support Android Version Android 21 and above
App Package com. discord
Get it on Google Play
Link to Developer Website

Features and Highlights

Pay no more for voice chat

You can always use the software for free without any hidden charges. It means that you can set up as many servers as you want without having to worry about availability. Are you wondering how we’ll make money? There will be optional cosmetics such as themes, sticker packs, and sound packs in the future. Discord’s core functionality will never be charged.

Feel safe when you play online

Your IP address is protected by encrypted server-to-client communication. Your Skype account is causing you to get ganked. The Erlang backend runs on the cloud and includes DDoS protection with automatic server failover.

Stay connected to your friends

You can use the free mobile app to chat while on the go or to summon your AFK friends by  sending a push notification with an @mention.

Chat designed for the 21st century

With a few clicks, you can share images, videos, and links. Media can be embeded directly in chat using the app. By mouse-over only, GIFs spare your CPU. Please post those  GIFs. Yeah, yeah, yeah!

Game-friendly voice chat

When used while gaming, the tool has minimal impact on your CPU. You won’t notice a difference in performance. Seriously. It’s time to ditch CPU hogs like Skype.

It couldn’t be easier

There is no need to install any drivers or configure any settings and it takes just 10 seconds. If you have stubborn friends or PUGs on your voice channel, the software can even run in the browser. If you want to use the app at its best, you can download the Windows or macOS version.

Easy-to-manage, yet powerful, server management

Featuring robust permissions and multiple channels within a simple interface, this program can be used by small groups or large guilds alike. All the power you’ve come to expect from TeamSpeak, Vent, and Mumble, in a package that’s not overly complicated.

The clearest voice you’ve ever heard

With Tshi, you’ll experience the latest technology, including jitter buffers, automatic gain control, noise supressions, echo cancellations, and Windows system attenuation. It’s good for desktop apps, browser apps, and phones.

Adding and messaging friends securely

Adding friends and contacting them directly via the program is possible. Blocking direct messages from bad guys will prevent them from contacting you. Keep your eyes pure by hiding the offenders’ text on servers!


It is easy to organize your local book club, group up friends, and bring together music fans worldwide with custom permission levels and moderation tools.

Moderators can be added, private channels can be made available, and more.

No need to press alt+tab to see the person talking

As you listen, you can see who is speaking with the customizable overlay. Changing the volume, changing the server or changing the channel, or even kicking people is also possible without leaving your game. For games that use DirectX 9, DirectX 11, or OpenGL, you’ll need the Windows client.

In my opinion, Discord is a good program overall and a competent entry into the VoIP market. It’s quite accessible, quite flexible, and quite free, and not only that, it also has an impressive feature set that works well and is easy to use, which is probably something we’d like to see more of in the future. It has great accessibility to both you and the members of your community, which is important when you want to get them to collaborate on using something. If you enjoy managing online communities, I highly recommend it. I am sure you will bump into Discord soon if you like doing social and group activities while gaming, big or small.

You can talk on Discord. You can stay close to your community and friends by texting, talking, and watching videos. You can join a school club, a gaming group, a worldwide art community, or just hang out with friends more often with Discord.



You can discuss a lot using organized text channels. Discuss your latest cooking mishaps or next week’s game night without clogging up a group chat.

Hanging out is easier with voice channels. You can join a voice channel whenever you are free. You can see your friends all the time and they can stop by without having to call.

  • Reliable tech for staying close. It feels like you’re in the same room when you’re talking and watching video.


 How to download the Discord app on your PC in 4 steps

  • If you want to use Discord outside of your web browser, you can download the Discord app for your PC.
  • As well as Mac and mobile devices, such as Android and iPhone, Discord is also available.
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Gaming communities often use Discord due to its ability to chat both textually and via voice. 

As well as chatting about games and web content, gamers can use Discord to communicate with each other during online gaming sessions.

The Discord app can even be downloaded to your PC to let you use it without using a web browser. During PC gaming with friends, this is especially beneficial. 


How to download Discord on your PC

  1. Open your web browser and go to www.dragoncitymodapk.net. Then click on “Download” in the top-left corner of your screen. 

Click “Download.” Chrissy Montelli/Business Insider

  1. Click on the button that corresponds to your PC’s operating system, such as Windows. Then, click the “Download Now” button.

Download Discord. Chrissy Montelli/Business Insider

  1. The file “DiscordSetup.exe” will appear in your downloads bar. Click on the file to open it.

Open the download file. Chrissy Montelli/Business Insider

  1. When the pop-up box appears, click on “Run.”

Follow any other prompts that might appear, and that’s it! You’ve successfully downloaded the Discord app on your PC. 

To access Discord, search for “Discord” on your PC the same way you would any other app or software, and then click on the Discord app when it appears



We have fixed a few bugs and enhanced the software as always.

More information can be found in the in-app changelog by going to Settings -> “Change Log”

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