Dragon Simulator Multiplayer


Dragon Multiplayer 3D

2.0.1 for Android

Wild Foot Games

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Description About Dragon Multiplayer App

Dragon Simulator 3D is a simulation game where you can be a dragon. The objective of the game is to complete the missions of the dragons through the level and collect stars. Once you have enough stars, your dragon will upgrade to the next level and become stronger and faster. The missions in this game are so much fun and they really improve your dragon skills. Fly over the mountains and descend through the peaks to have the feeling of flying. we describe dragon multiplayer 3D well in time.


  • live chat in-game
  • fire on your opponents
  • around the world face off against people
  • produce your giant beast to make him as you wish
  •  we have to include instant magic in the online version
  • in real-time, you can challenge the player



– Control your own Fire Breathing Dragon!
– Massive 3D Open World Map with Volcano and Hot Lava
– Fully Customizable Dragon
– Weather Simulation – real weather with highly realistic rainfall and thunder
– Realistic Day and Night SIMULATION
– Join up to 4 other players Online
– Form your own clan with your friend

– 4 Magic Spells – Fire, Ice, Invincibility, Electricity
– Online Chat with other real players

A great game where you’ll be fighting in PvP battles. Fight against other online players or AI dragons. You need to shoot down everything that moves. Show off different maneuvers and try to survive. The game has a total of 3 maps available for you. You can try many different modes including death-match, team death-match, battle royale and even zombie mode.

Explore the offline map to build up your skill points and magic. Locate all the magic items in the offline map to craft your magic. Defensive ability, Strength, and Stamina are all up-gradable.

Download Dragon World Multiplayer and embark on a magical multiplayer adventure!

Enemies include Epic Nature Elemental, Dragons, Giant Spiders, T-rex, Velociraptors, Pterodactyls, and many more. Fight against Super Epic Bosses.

Multiplayer is a new series of games we have created at Wild Foot. We listened to all your suggestions and tried to combine them into this game. 3D animal simulation at its best.




How to play:

Dragons are not easy to control:
Move around – WASD
Spitfire – LMB
Attack with your tail – RMB
Take-off/Land – Q
Fly up – Spacebar
Fly down – C
Speed up – Shift
Lock cursor – L
Hide interface – H




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