Green Dragon







Green Dragon is a legendary dragon with a basic typing of nature. He is a legend and can learn your tricks.


When the very rare Load Dragon met with the Kae Pi Lo Dragon, it came as a complete surprise that a new legendary dragon has been created but is ready for the Green Trigger.


Breedable:                               No

Summon Time:                      3 Days (72 Hours)

Buy Price:                             4500 Gems

Sell Price:                             1000000 Gold

Hatch XP:                             500000

Hatch Time:                          2 Days (48 Hours)

Release Date:                       28-Jan-2021

Dragon ID:

Category:                              9


The green dragon can be configured to be activated by four different element types. As a result, the dragon can be severely damaged along with its basic elements. Sea, Light, Wind, Primal, Dark, Electric


The green dragon is the basic element of nature. The first element of the dragon always determines its weaknesses. Therefore, the green dragon is weaker than the following elements. FLAME,ICE.


These are the moves that Green Dragon will know upon hatching.

Leaf Blast
Damage: 1050 | plant

Sky Cutter
Damage: 1400 | wind

Paralyzing Spell
Damage: 650 | legend

Damage: 1050 | earth


These are the moves that Green Dragon can learn through training.

Damage: 1950 | plant | 2 days

Air Blast
Damage: 2100 | wind | 12 hours

Aurora Borealis
Damage: 2100 | legend | 24 hours

Sand Storm+
Damage: 1950 | earth | 2 days


Starting Income: 30
Level  increase: 20

Dragons earn different amounts of gold at each level,

(increases are halved after L10)


L 5: 110

L 10: 210

L 15: 260

L 20: 310

L 25: 360

L 30: 410


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