Details about Atlantisescape Maze Island are here!

Every six hours, you can collect maze coins by playing.

The path to unlocking a dragon must be completed.

You can see how many coins each dragon requires

I would like to know how to collect coins every 8 hours


See when the Atlantisescape Maze Island starts and ends without opening the game!

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By collecting 600 free coins every 8 hours during Atlantisescape Maze Island, you can earn a total of:

19800 maze coins*


0 coins delivered so far



Delivery 1 Starts

23h 26m 39s

Thu 17-Jun-2021 3:00 PM (15:00)


Delivery 2 Starts

1d 7h 26m 39s

Thu 17-Jun-2021 11:00 PM (23:00)


Delivery 3 Starts

1d 15h 26m 39s

Fri 18-Jun-2021 7:00 AM (7:00)


Delivery 4 Starts

1d 23h 26m 39s

Fri 18-Jun-2021 3:00 PM (15:00)

The next delivery window will not be available if you’re not getting coins


There are still 19800 free coins available

There were 33 more delivery of 600 coins (from 33 more deliveries)

*This figure does not include extra coins gained via quests and freebie islands. This is not the maximum amount of coins that can be earned!


Maze Coins Collecting

You can collect 600 Maze Coins every 8 hours when playing Dragon City during the Maze event. To do this, you must collect gold, collect food, feed your dragons, and breed dragons. After every action, you will see a maze icon appear. You will no longer see those coins once you have collected  600 Maze Coins. There will be a next collection window in order for you to collect more coins for Maze Island.

Paths of the Dragon

Using this guide, you can plan which dragons to collect!

There is a specific path each dragon must follow before it can be unlocked

You can find out how many keys you need to collect to unlock each dragon’s path by clicking on its name. Remember that for some dragons, battles are the last step on their path – and may take some time to accomplish. In that case, the Maze coins can be deducted from the overall maze path cost of that dragon.

Dragons that are delayed

Some dragons may be activated later on in the event. Maze coins are valuable, so don’t use them too early, or these dragons may surprise you

All dragons upcoming are listed in this guide, so you can make plans.

During the first few minutes of the event, some of them may not be visible

Coins and how to spend them

Having enough coins for the Dragons you want is the best strategy

Take into account how long battles will last

Once you have unlocked your desired dragon, you can use it


Additionally, some dragons may be required to participate in other events happening concurrently – like temporary quests and dragon rescue activities.

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