A Heroic Race Guide for High Typhoon is now available!

Compete against other players by completing tasks.

Heroic Dragons are only awarded at this event!

Among the Dragons, Heroics are the strongest.


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Come in the first place to receive these dragons

High Typhoon Dragon


Awakened Dragon


Dark Star Dragon


Pathfinder Dragon


If you reach lap 15 or higher on the racecourse, the heroic dragon will be delivered to you (deliverable after the race).



Pool – What does it mean?

The pool is the maximum number of items that can be collected at the beginning of a heroic race mission.

The pool is always full when it opens

If you empty the pool, then new items will begin to fill it with time after you finish emptying the pool

The pool cannot be filled if it is empty – you will need to wait until it is filled again

There must be at least one object in the pool in order for it to be collected.

It is important to remember details about the pool and the laps you made; the game will not tell you this information.

How do you define Wait time?

Adding a new item to the pool takes a certain amount of time.

Normally, a pool will not be large enough to complete all missions at once.

You will be able to collect more items in the pool once you have collected the first one.

BUT you’ll have to restart the cooldown after each item collection!

Only start timers after the pool has been completely depleted.

This is what Min. Time?

The minimum time is a calculation that determines when the pool will be filled to complete the mission in the shortest amount of time

It is calculated by multiplying (RequiredItems – Pool) by the wait time

You have to wait this long for the items to regenerate after you empty the pool.


What is the best way to collect gold for Heroic Race tasks?

Having more habitats is the best way to collect gold. Collecting gold will give you the opportunity to obtain a new item! Furthermore, when your habitat is filled with gold, your chances of collecting gold increase. The gold icon will no longer be see-through when this happens. A gold collection is the easiest item to gather for the Heroic Race. A greater number of habitats increases your chances of getting gold items.


To increase your gold collection quickly, you can also power up your dragons.  You can save your powerups for the tasks in the heroic race that require you to power up dragons. The priority should be given to dragons that provide the most gold per minute

Gold/level increase halves once a dragon’s level exceeds level 10. You will usually earn the most gold per minute from your rarest dragons.


It is also possible to focus on Terrahabitats which fill faster, but it is not always a good strategy, because it does not last once the heroic race is over!

In order to complete Heroic Race tasks, how should I collect food?

Buying the cheapest options over and over is the most efficient way to collect food. Food can be collected at any time, creating chances to collect items.

Do it as fast as possible by buying the 50 gold option in each food farm! As you purchase more food, your chances of getting items increase

However, fruits and vegetables grow much slower than those that are much larger. Thus, it is recommended that you always use the “Backyard Guardian” option. A collectible food item is more likely to be obtained when food is collected more often.


Perhaps you could consider buying one food option that takes 9, 12, or 24 hours if you still want to grow a large amount of food. Meanwhile, you can cycle through all of the 50 gold food collections using every other farm.

Best way to breed dragons for Heroic Race tasks?

Breeding dragons is easier with Terra + Terra. Multiple items can be obtained fairly quickly through trial and error, but it may take many attempts. Your Terra + Terra dragons will be ready once you breed them


It is possible to sell eggs after hatching time (if no items are needed when hatching)

Placing them on Terra habitats will enable them to be powered up later.


To guarantee an item, you may have to use the longer breeding method, which may put you at risk of being overtaken by another player. Breeding each item 40 times is possible. Work hard to achieve your goals! It is possible to ensure an item with long breeds and the slower method, but other players may overtake you while doing this.


Long-term goal: Try to unlock each breeding area once they are available for completion of rewards/surveys (this may take some time, or you might be able to do it with spending money). Breeding more often = more chances to get items from breeding.


Whenever you unlock all the breeding buildings, as well as all the hatchery slots, place them all together

(being close to the breeding sanctuary on the second island)

What is the best way to hatch dragons for Heroic Race tasks?

You can hatch dragons best by breeding Terra with Terra. The fastest way to get multiple items involves many attempts and many failed attempts. A hatching cycle of 30-40 times is expected for each item. it takes a lot of attempts. If you cannot guarantee an item this way, you can use another long egg to do so, but other players may overtake you. If you can, try unlocking the three breeding areas and upgrading the hatchery (five eggs at once) when they became available.


After unlocking all of the breeding buildings and hatchery slots, place them close to each other

(The breeding sanctuary is close to the second island).

What is the best way to feed dragons for Heroic Race tasks?

Terra dragons from your prior missions are an excellent way to feed dragons. The other option is to power up a dragon that is already on a low level if you didn’t use this tactic. It costs less food to raise a lower-level dragon, but items are harder to obtain. A level 1 dragon can be raised to a level 6 with little food, and with five or six items.


One thing I like to do is to leave all newly acquired dragons at level one – and only power up the dragons during Heroic Races.

I think this is the best way to finish the task since these dragons needed powering up anyway

Best way to Battle Dragons in the Heroic Race?

Setting a timer reminding you of when the next battle is will help you understand which battle will take the longest. If you have a long battle to complete, use your free spin. It is most efficient to use the free spin when there is at least 1 task to complete, especially when dealing with the longest battles.

In which order should I complete Heroic Race’s Temporary Quests?

It is the least frequent task early on in the Heroic Race to find Temporary Quest items. It’s sometimes useful to always complete temporary quests because they have good rewards (such as food, dragon orbs, or collection items). Completing temporary quests is also a great way to level up your dragons.

For people in the heroic race, the best thing they can do is make sure their Temporary quests are not on cooldown.

A quest must be completed before you can once again battle

How can I complete PVP League battles for the Heroic Race?

Having fully powered up dragons and charges to finish League PVP in the Heroic race is the best way to succeed. At times, League Battles can be extremely challenging, since other players have full heroic dragons at high levels. It is up to you whether you want a fresh start with new players by resetting your League battles. The charge will not be refreshed (only beating everyone and collecting gems will do so). If you unlock the 6th Dragon Tower (Winstance – 20 – 30% Life and Damage), this task will be a little easier.

Don’t overdo it with the League battles, but only complete the required number

The league counter will need to be recharged, which could slow you down

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