The High  Heroic Whisperer Race Guide is here!
Complete tasks and race against other players.
The only event that awards Heroic Dragons!
Heroics are the strongest Dragons in the game.


-77Days -7Hours -58Minutes -4Seconds


Come in first place to receive these dragons

High Whisperer Dragon

high whisperer dragon
Rogue Dragon
rogue dragon

Bastion Dragon

bastion dragon
Soul Eater Dragon
soul eater dragon

Get the heroic dragon guaranteed (delivered after the race) by winning or reaching lap 15 or higher


See lap details for the High Whisperer Heroic Race
Use this to guide yourself to victory!

Lap 1 – Node 1
Feed Dragons
Number                                 4
Pool                                        4
Wait                                    Instant
Chance                                10%
Min. Time                          No Minimum
Lap 1 – Node 2
Collect Gold
Number                            5
Pool                                    5
Wait                                Instant
Chance                            1%
Min. Time                      No Minimum
Lap 1 – Node 3
Collect Food
Number                             4
Pool                                 4
Wait                          Instant
Chance                        10%
Min. Time                  No Minimum
Lap 1 – Node 4
Feed Dragons
Number                         6
Pool                              5
Wait                       5 minutes
Chance                      10%
Min. Time                 5 minutes
Lap 1 – Node 5
Battle Dragons
Number                          2
Pool                                  2
Wait                           Instant
Chance                        100%
Min. Time                   15 minutes


What does Pool Mean?

In the heroic race, the pool is the maximum number of items available to collect at the very start of the mission.
The pool always starts off full
Once you start emptying the pool, new items will fill the pool according to the wait time
You cannot collect any items if the pool is empty – you will have to wait for the pool to fill back up
the pool must have at least one item in it to collect.
use the lap information and remember details about the pool, the game will not tell you this information.

What does Wait time mean?

Wait time is the amount of time required for a new item to be added to the pool.
This only matters when the pool is not big enough to complete the mission in one go.
the pool starts regenerating new items as soon as you collect your first item.
BUT it will reset that cooldown everytime you collect an item!
So start any timers only after depleting the pool completely.

What is Min. Time?

Minimum time is a calculation of the quickest time the pool will refill to complete the mission
the calculation is (RequiredItems – Pool) * Wait Time
Once you empty the pool, start a timer because you have to wait this long for items to regenerate.

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