A guide to Arctic Tower Island!

You need to spin the wheel to get moves.

The best way to climb the tower is to use moves


Every 8 hours, you will receive 600 tokens.

Gold can be acquired by hatching and breeding dragons.

Once you’ve reached the top, you’ll be rewarded


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Below are the dragons that can be unlocked during this event…


During Arctic Tower Island, you can earn a total of 600 free coins by collecting 600 coins every 8 hours:

5400 tower coins*


3600 coins delivered so far



Current Window Ends

1m 20s

Wed 16-Jun-2021 3:00 PM (15:00)


Delivery 7 Starts

1m 20s

Wed 16-Jun-2021 3:00 PM (15:00)


Delivery 8 Starts

8h 1m 20s

Wed 16-Jun-2021 11:00 PM (23:00)

The next delivery window will not be available if you’re not getting coins


There are still 1800 free coins left*

Approximately 600 additional coins have been delivered (from 3 more deliveries).

In total, 5400 coins were collected from quests and freebie islands without including any extra coins given away. This is not the maximum amount of coins that can be earned!


The best way to move around tower island

For moving around the Dragon city event map, you’ll need Tower coins. When the moving spinner is activated, tower coins are consumed. As you move up the tower, the price of spinning the moving spinner increases, making moves higher up the tower more expensive. The move spinner will reward you with either 1, 2, or 3 moves based on your “random” spin. There is already a predetermined number of “random” spins that you get automatically. This means that every spin result is already determined before planning begins.

Do I receive random moves?

There are no “random” moves on your account, each is predetermined. For example, if you run a pretend tower in offline mode and then reconnect, you will get the exact same move sequence as you did in offline mode.


That is why offline mode is useful since you can try tower runs over and over again by turning on aeroplane mode. Whenever you mess up, you can start over.

What are tower coins?

In Arctic Tower Island, you can obtain 600 tokens every eight hours by breeding dragons, hatching eggs, collecting gold, and collecting food.

How do catapults work?

Tower island uses the catapult-like square that will either send you up the tower or send you down. You will be propelled upwards most of the time when using catapults, which is helpful in reaching the top. The best way to figure out where catapults will send you is to consult a map of the tower island.

Is there a map for this event yet?

As of right now, there is no event map available, but you may find one on socialĀ  media. By early next year, we’ll have one online. You can find it here when it’s ready!


You can get dragons easier in each event by using some tricks


Use social media to find a map that will show you the best way up the tower

Spending money is necessary in order to acquire all the dragons in the tower

– Collect coins every 8 hours

– You sometimes do not have to pay to get the top dragon for the event


The trick for using offline mode

If you want to test the progress of your event offline, use offline mode

If nothing happens, restart your phone

Change your direction then

It doesn’t matter how many times you try, the results will be identical


Wait until the last eight hours

The event will start with all coins saved

“Aeroplane mode” will turn off internet access.

Complete the tower (follow your ideal path)

Don’t use the internet if anything goes wrong

A game must be forced to close

There will be no saving

You have to keep repeating until you get the result you want

– Only reconnect when you’re satisfied with the results, and the progress you’ve made will be saved.

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