Lightshot (screenshot tool) APK

Lightshot (screenshot tool) APK FOR ANDROID

Lightshot is a popular app for Windows and Mac that is coming to Android now. If you hover your finger over the Power+Volume buttons on your phone, you can snap a screenshot in an instant, or you can turn on the floating button and have it just one tap away.


Developer                             Lightshot

Version                                  1.0.13

Updated                                March 7, 2019

Requirements                      4.4 and up

Size                                           10M



Android apps offer all the usual features found in Windows and Mac applications. Take screenshots, crop them in the editor, and add lines and arrows to emphasize important parts of the screenshot. Screenshots can be shared in messengers, uploaded to print, or just saved locally. You can now view all Lightshot-created screenshots directly from your app instead of your browser.

Using LightShot, you can take a screenshot of any image on your screen by pressing a button.

As an added bonus, you can upload the image directly to the Internet instead of simply saving it to your hard drive.

In addition to this option, LightShot has something else that makes it stand out from the competition. In other words, you can edit the captured images online with an application that works just like Adobe Photoshop (with layers, filters, colour correction, brushes, etc.).

Among all the programs available for capturing images from the Internet, LightShot is probably the best choice.

Also, the cloud integration allows uploading and editing images.


Highlights and features

Screenshot of a selected area

You can take a screenshot of any area of your desktop with just two button clicks using LightShot for Windows.

An easy-to-use application

Using this app is so straightforward, it has many useful features, and it is lightweight.

Internet sharing of screenshots

You can upload your screenshot to the server and get its short link immediately.

Editors with power

If you want to edit a screenshot, you can do so immediately or later using an online editor.

Image search similar to

Identify images that are similar. Select an image and you’ll find dozens of similar images.

Platforms of various types

The Light Shot program is compatible with Windows/Mac, Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Opera.

For Mac: Download LightShot


For all those years, you’ve loved the desktop version of Lightshot! Now you can enjoy it on your Android too!


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