News About Dragon City

February may be short, but it can still be filled with exciting events and new dragons… Let’s make it a great month!

So first prepare yourself to jump straight into a bright and colorful Carnival adventure, and then get ready to save Dragon City from the evil whispers of the corrupted High Whisperer Dragon!

Find the full list of February 2021 events below:

28 Jan – 8 Feb: Energy Sources Maze Island
New Dragon: Solar Dragon

29 Jan – 3 Feb: Polluted Puzzle Island
New Dragon: Crude Oil Dragon

3 Feb – 7 Feb: Eolic Runner Island
New Dragon: Eolic Dragon

8 Feb – 13 Feb: Carnival of Colors Puzzle Island
New Dragons: Red Dragon

8 Feb – 15 Feb: Carnival of Colors Grid Island
New Dragons: Yellow Dragon, Blue Dragon, Purple Dragon

13 Feb – 17 Feb: Carnival of Colors Runner Island
New Dragon: Green Dragon

15 Feb – 18 Feb: Carnival of Colors Maze Island
New Dragon: Orange Dragon

18 Feb – 1 Mar: Corrupted Whispers Heroic Race
New Dragon: High Whisperer Dragon

20 Feb – 23 Feb: Corrupted Fog Island
New Dragon: Cult Priestess Dragon

24 Feb – 28 Feb: Corrupted Maze Island
New Dragon: Tentacle Amalgam Dragon

Have fun, Dragon Masters!

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