Pure Element Strengths

Dragons with Pure type moves are strong against dragons with primary elements of Legend,

Pure Element Weaknesses

Dragons with a primary element of Pure are weak to moves that are Primal type



Element FAQ

Q: Can a dragon have more than one element?

Yes, the four elements in a dragon but only the basic element appears first in the list, which indicates its weaknesses. Each element represents the next generation in motion. Ideal because he can learn the movements of four different element types

Q: What are the basic elements?

The basic element is the first element that the dragon has entered

The first element of the dragon indicates that moving makes it weak

The other elements that a dragon has indicated how it can learn movements!

Q: Why can’t I cradle some elements together?

Designed not to mix some elements.

These are called opposing factors

A good example of this would be fire, which does not cause ice to form together.


Q: What is the “opposite factor”?

Some elements have an opposite element, which means that the only element of these species cannot be bred directly to the dragon. But you can use multi-element dragons to try multiplying these elements.


Q: What are element tokens?

When Dragon City is playing some programs, or even open your daily calendar. Eventually, you will find some element tokens that are used to upgrade your residence level 2.


 Q: Is there a good battle chart?

The game actually gives you a good battle chart

The war chart indicates which elements do double damage, and which elements are not more efficient

This is visible when you click on the “question mark” icon during the battle

But here is a copy of this chart!


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