You can find details about the Endurance Run Runner Island event right here! Complete missions and earn runner tokens.
Spend your tokens to run and earn pin-wheels to unlock event rewards. Don’t forget to collect pin-wheels to earn rewards.


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Full rewards section will be coming soon! …

Terrorbird Dragon

terrorbird dragon


Mission Set Ends
1h 15m 27s
Sat 17-Apr-2021 3:00 PM (15:00)
+3ri      Collect Gold                2gold
+5riFeed Dragons                   18feed
+7riLeague Battles               4pvp


How does Runner Island work?

Runner island is a minigame where you spend tokens to complete side scrolling minigames. To complete each run you want to collect as many pinwheels as possible while attempting other objectives as well!

How to get Runner Tokens

On the island every 8 hours a new mission will appear that will reward you with Runner tokens. Those tokens you use to run in the minigame. These missions are very similar to those that may be found in Race!

My runner island is really laggy!

If you are having extremely bad performance issues with your Runner Island game and can’t afford to buy a new phone, you may consider borrowing someone else’s phone.

Best way to collect gold for runner island tasks?

Collecting gold is one of the simplest items Runner island can offer. In addition, you have a higher chance when your habitat is always filled with gold. This is visible when the gold icon is no longer see-through.

You can save your powerups for the tasks on the runner island that require you to power up dragons. However, the dragons that pay the most gold per minute should be prioritized, as the increase in gold / level decreases as the level increases above level 10.

You can also try and focus on getting as many terra habitats as possible, but itsnt the best long term strategy, because its not great once the runner island event ends!

Best way to collect food for Runner Island tasks?

If you regularly see the 50 gold option for food, you’ll get an item more often than picking up bigger foods. But bigger foods take much longer to claim. That’s why it is always advised to pick up the 50 gold option called Backyard Garderner when you go food farming.

It is possible to cycle 50 gold food collection with a single large food option that takes nine, twelve or twenty-four hours to grow. In the meantime, you can use your other farm to grow what takes less time.

Best way to breed dragons for Runner Island tasks?

Using Terra + Terra dragon eggs makes the process of brewin’ dragons the quickest and easiest. Once bred you can sell the eggs after hatching time and use them on Terra habitats, they can also be powered up later on.

Breed a maximum of 30-40 times for each item. This is time consuming! You can also breed slower with long breeds to get a valuable item, but other people may be catching up with you whilst you do this.

You can obtain gems by completing rewards or surveys, which can take a while or by spending money, which is not the optimal use of your money. Breeding more often results in better chances to get items.

When you unlock every breeding building and every slot on the hatchery, place them close to each other (this will be near the second island due to the breeding sanctuary)

Best way to hatch dragons for Runner Island tasks?

It is best to hatch dragons with Terra + Terra that you’ve bred. Although it will take many attempts and failures, this method allows you to obtain multiple items in the shortest amount of time. For each item, expect to hatch it in the range of 30-40 times. You can use other long eggs if you prefer a slow method, but they are more vulnerable to being used by other players. Try to unlock the 3 available breeding areas as well as the hatchery upgrade (5 eggs at once) once their availability is increased.

If you manage to unlock all of the breeding buildings, and all slots on the hatchery, place them all near each other
(this will be near the second island due to the breeding sanctuary)

Best way to feed dragons for Runner Island?

The best way to optimise this event, is save a bunch of low level dragons specifically for these tasks. if you pick dragons you were already going to level up with food, then you cant go wrong!

or if food is not an issue – you could power up some low level Terra dragons you hatched in the previous missions.

the lower the level of dragon the less food it costs – but it takes more luck to get items. I find powering up level 1 dragons to level 6 takes little food, but can give 5-6 items.

One thing I do outside of these types of events is leave all my newly acquired dragons at level 1 – and only power up dragons when the tasks for feeding appear in events!
This is a great way to complete the task, because these dragons needed powering up anyway

Best way to Complete PVP League battles for Runner Island?

The best way to complete PVP League battles for the Runner island race is to have fully powered up dragons and also make sure you have a full 3 charges always available to complete some League battles. Sometimes League Battles can be really hard, other players have all empowered or heroic dragons teams at high levels. you have to make a decision if you want to reset your League battles or not – this will give you a fresh set of players to verse. it will however not refresh your charges (only gems and beating everyone will refresh your battle limit). You can also aim towards unlocking the 6th Dragon Tower (Winstance – 20%+ Life and Damage) which makes this task a little easier!
Make sure you only complete the required number of League battles and not too many
It could slow you down if you have to wait for your League counter to recharge

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