Social Talking App – Parlor

Social Talking App – Parlor Apk for android

With Parlor, you’ll never want to put the app down!

* 6 million monthly users

Talked about 2 billion times

* Total freedom worldwide


A Parlor is a place where people can talk right now. No matter your age, anyone can do it. There’s a topic for everyone on Parlor! Using the app is also incredibly simple. You can pick your topic within seconds and connect with another user in real-time. The Parlor app is always buzzing with tens of thousands of users, so you’re sure to meet new people every time you open it.


Likewise, the new Celebrity app, Parlor, is another hit. The Parlor Messenger application features a host of celebrities posting updates on their message boards and communicating with their fans.

Our app is updated regularly, so you can enjoy it more. To get all the new features and improvements, download the latest version.


Fixes for updating profile pictures

– Images in messaging have been fixed


Our app is updated regularly, so you can enjoy it more. Take advantage of all the available features and improvements by upgrading to the latest version. Parlor thanks you for visiting!

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