upcoming events in dragon city in the year 2021

Dear Dragon Masters

Below is an official developer post

A new month always means the beginning of new adventures for our intrepid Dragon Masters.

The summer solstice is fast approaching and we’ve been informed that a mysterious meteor shower is expected to be seen over the clear summer skies of Dragon City. The beginning of June will bring three powerful dragons that have been exposed to a supernatural meteorite… It’s time to assemble the Dragon Force so they can use their newfound powers for good!

After harnessing your supernatural powers, you’ll then be invited to accompany the adventurous Exploranaut Dragon on a dangerous journey in the depths of the ocean, among the ruins of Atlantis. We’re confident you will be of great help to her and her mission!

And finally, this month will end with a primal adventure, bringing you to a prehistoric tropical island, full of ferocious dragons. Here’s one piece of free advice: Trust in your primal instincts to survive…

Without spoiling too much, let’s jump into the full lineup of events for June:

29 May – 2 Jun: Run of Clones (Clone Chaos Runner Island)
New Dragon: Dragon Clone III

31 May – 3 Jun: Shapeshifter’s Maze (Clone Chaos Maze Island)
New Dragon: Shapeshifter Dragon

3 Jun – 14 Jun: Dragon Force Heroic Race
New Dragon: High Typhoon Dragon

5 Jun – 8 Jun: Dragon Force HQ (Fog Island)
New Dragon: Geoforce Dragon

9 Jun -13 Jun: Psybolt City (Dragon Force Maze Island)
New Dragon: Psybolt Dragon

14 Jun – 17 Jun: Electric Tower (Escape from Atlantis Tower Island)
New Dragon: Electrifying Dragon

17 Jun – 28 Jun: Escape from Atlantis Maze Island
New Dragons: Molluscular Dragon, Hermicrab Dragon, Illumidepth Dragon

18 Jun – 23 Jun: Escape from Atlantis Puzzle Island
New Dragon: Infested Waters Dragon

23 Jun – 27 Jun: Deep Sea Runner (Escape from Atlantis Runner Island)
New Dragon: Exploranaut Dragon

28 Jun – 5 Jul: Primal Jungle Grid Island
New Dragon: Carnivaurus Dragon, Omnivicious Dragon, Trophic Dragon

28 Jun – 3 Jul: Primal Jungle Puzzle Island
New Dragon: Apex Dragon

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25 Mar – 5 Apr: Time Travel Heroic Race
New Dragon: High Chronos Dragon

31 Mar – 4 Apr: Dystopia Maze Island
New Dragon: Dystopia Dragon

5 Apr – 8 Apr: Tower Trial Island (Tribal Tournament)
New Dragon: Abominable Dragon

8 Apr – 19 Apr: Tribal Tournament Maze Island
New Dragons: Sand Vixen Dragon, Underground Dragon, Molten Dragon

9 Apr – 14 Apr: Power Puzzle Island (Tribal Tournament)
New Dragon: Crevasse Dragon

14 Apr – 18 Apr: Endurance Runner Island (Tribal Tournament)
New Dragon: Terrorbird Dragon

19 Apr – 24 Apr: Core Chaos Puzzle Island (Spirits of Nature)
New Dragon: Elder Core Dragon

19 Apr – 26 Apr: Spirits of Nature Grid Island
New Dragons: Elder Storm Dragon, Elder Glacier Dragon, Elder Mountain Dragon

24 Apr – 28 Apr: Seaquake Runner Island (Spirits of Nature)
New Dragon: Elder Seaquake Dragon

26 Apr – 29 Apr: Elder Blaze Maze Island (Spirits of Nature)
New Dragon: Elder Blaze Dragon

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