YouTube, Dailymotion, and Vimeo videos can be viewed together with friends WATCH2GETHER APP DOWNLOAD.

The goal of Watch2Gether is simple: make it easy for friends to watch videos together no matter where they are. Join the room by creating a new one. Choose videos from Youtube, Vimeo, and Dailymotion, as well as music from Soundcloud. The entire game will be played in sync, and you can use the built-in chat room to communicate with your friends. Watch2Gether is now available on Android!


Version 0.1.1 (101)
Updated Sep 01, 2015 (6 years ago)
Developer Sailer Interactive
ID com.sailer_interactive.w2g
Installs 10,000+
Category Video Players & Editors

Together, spend time

You can invite your friends to your chat room so you can have a video conversation. You can also watch videos online with friends in other chat rooms. The Watch2gether app lets you search a wide range of video sources and then pick the video or music you want. It’s easy to use, simple and convenient, and you just have to click on Create Room and you’re done. Watch2Gether has a Chrome extension you can download as well. When you want to watch a movie together long-distance, the process is now easier.

Apps like watch2gether from Kast

Rabbit is no longer with us. The Rabbit, which used to be an online platform for watching together, has been taken over by Kast. The features, technology, and support of Kast are all better. You cannot use it from any browser; you must download it on your device. It supports Windows PCs and Macs. Kast also lets you share screens, videos, audio, and text with friends while watching movies online. It combines Skype with watch2gether. On platforms such as Netflix and YouTube, you can watch movies with friends online.

Play and Kast – Apps like watch2together

A great feature of Kast is the fact that you can stream and share your Gameplay with your friends and loved ones, and the best part is that you can add up to 100+ friends for free.

Watch2gether Alternatives – SyncPlay

With its compatibility with most video players, sync play is the most useful for watching movies online with friends or just from a computer. After that, you can connect with your friends by downloading sync play. You can use this method if you want to share any videos from your local hard drive. Additionally, Netflix and YouTube can be synchronized with the player. During the installation of sync play, if the program shows any errors, you have to install the Redistributable for Microsoft Visual C++ 2015.

Watch2Gether – Netflix Party App

Netflix with friends online: Wouldn’t that be fun? This is a web application available as a chrome extension that can be used for this purpose, as it is not a software program.

What’s more, other people do not need Google Chrome or to use this extension. Any device can be used to watch. That’s interesting! What are the possibilities? I installed the Netflix extension on Chrome. You can watch TV shows and movies online with your friends and family by logging in to your Netflix account. Click on the red NP button in the top-right corner of the video when you pause it. The link will be created when you click it. Share the link with your friend, and you can all watch Netflix together.

The Gaze app is similar to watch2together

We are here to gaze at each gaze is the best platform for watching videos and shows online on platforms like Youtube and other video streaming services. artforms. Since this is only for two people, you need to create a room, then share the link with the person you’re watching with, and that’s it, you can begin watching your favorite movies and videos together.

VPN Nord

You can also check out the Best VPN 2021. With gaze, you can also view and share local drive files. Unfortunately, you should both have the movie file you want to watch because this is about you wanting to watch movies together long-distance style and spending some quality time with your loved ones online.

MyCircleTV – Apps Like watch2gether

When you watch movies with your friends online, do you enjoy having a voice chat where you can comment on different scenes, expressions, and dialogues? MyCircleTv is the right choice for you. People like to chit-chat with their friends and loved ones while watching movies together, and this is the primary reason for watching movies online with friends. You should choose MyCircleTv if this is what you like. Accessing my circlets requires no registration, and you can create rooms with friends and watch movies together. But there is a small difference between registered offices and not registered offices. By registering, you will receive

  • Managing your history through a profile
  • Upload videos up to 5GB to myCloud storage.
  • Records of the parties and invitations you have hosted in the past.


It has a unique and fantastic feature of room voting, so that whole room members will vote for the movie to watch online in the room. Togethertube has this feature for those who want it. The whole room can vote on the movie to be shown. The movie will be watched online by everyone. There’s a place for you on Togethertube. Other than that, there is little difference. Below is a list of the features that Togethertube offers.

Sync Video – Apps Like watch2gether

It is also available through the browser extension. Sync video is available online and through the browser extension. Firefox and Chrome both have sync video extensions. It’s pretty easy to use Sync Video. If you want to watch movies online with your friends, create a room and then invite them to it. Free online movie streaming is now available for you and your friends. With Sync Video, your privacy is emphasized, and you create a private room when you create it. Whenever you like, you can join the room. YouTube and Vimeo videos can also be added to playlists that can be viewed at a later time. time.

Plex VR – Apps Like watch2gether

you and your friends can watch VR videos together with Plex VR and share your Plex library. hat’s enough about the rooms, let’s talk about the Virtual Room that you can see. It’s virtual reality, I’m telling you. You can watch virtual reality movies with your family and friends using Plex. The room feels like a real room in which each avatar is seated. With Plex VR, you and your friends can share your Plex library and watch the VR video together.

The following is a step-by-step guide to getting Plex up and running. You and all your friends need to install Plex VR on their PCs or Macs. Your plex library must be filled with media after that. Then, create a room with your friends and begin streaming. You should, however, be able to share this experience with your friends as all of them now have VR-ready hardware. As long as users can adjust the screen size and other settings to their preferences, there can be a compromise on the type of equipment.

Stream Party – Apps like Watch2gether

A new addition to our group is StreamParty. They also offer a large movie database of over 100.000 items, including episodes and movies that are recommended for watching, something that Netflixparty (now Teleparty) does. In addition, it lets you know when new services are ready. With the free version, you have an unlimited budget for creating and participating in public StreamParties, as well as making new friends. Private StreamParties are also included for several hours. Lastly, they provide plenty of inspiration on their blog. Here is a quick video showing how to get started:

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you watch Netflix on watch2gether?

You can not directly watch Netflix on Watch2gether player, but you can watch Netflix on a similar player Netflix Party which has the same features


Here are some apps like watch2gether to watch movies online. You can choose any of the above to watch movies. We’d love to know what apps you love, like watch2together. Comment and share how you enjoy watching videos online with your friends.

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